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Focused around the needs of Finance, Inventory, HR and Admin departments, DocQmentor is a low code & fully automated digital document management solution that utilizes the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , enabling workflow automation for companies that need to scan, sort, extract data, run analysis, and store documents consistently. DocQmentor is built to maximize the enterprises investments in Microsoft platforms like M365, Power Apps with integrations to Dynamics CRM and Business Central.

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Automate Repetitive Tasks in Your Workflow with DocQmentor

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  • 01 Automatic Triggers

    Your employees have enough to worry about during the day without your organization adding another system to learn that requires training and monitoring. DocQmentor is built so they can simply “File and forget.” DocQmentor is completely automated so that your users just have to drop their files into the DocQmentor folder and then go on about their day. There is nothing else required. Without further user intervention, DocQmentor scans the files, extracts the keywords, renames the files, reapplies keywords back to the document as metadata, and then files it securely in M365. It can be searched and retrieved in under a second.

  • Other custom-built document management solutions must create an additional security system to guard access to your files.  Why recreate the wheel wasting more time and money?  Microsoft already has high-end security built into Microsoft 365.  DocQmentor inherits existing Microsoft security so that only appropriate people with the proper credentials can view, edit, and delete the files in your DocQmentor system.  If your user forgot to assign security to the document, DocQmentor automatically applies protection based on the type of information contained in the document.

  • DocQmentor is autonomous, meaning users drop files into a DocQmentor folder and then forget about them.  Typed forms achieve near 100% recognition.  Documents that have handwritten responses, however, can vary.   Sometimes the penmanship can be challenging to decipher, so to monitor the inputs, DocQmentor adds a recognition confidence score to every form after processing.  This score tells the system how confident DocQmentor is that it interpreted the data correctly.  DocQmentor detects when a confidence score falls below a customer set threshold for accuracy, and it can automatically reroute the document for manual intervention preventing bad data collection.


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DocQmentor is easy to integrate with your Business ecosystem across CRM, ERP, HR systems, Email software, portals, homegrown software, etc.

DocQmentor: Ai-powered Document Management Solution

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