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Frequently Asked Questions

  • So, how much does this Microsoft Document Management solution cost?

    The answer is significantly less than other competitive solutions because DocQmentor uses the technology you have already paid for with your M 365 license.  There are no custom storage solutions in our system.  The fees for AI processing are significantly less, and there is no custom coding written to force you to pay your vendor to access your documents.  DocQmentor is 100% built on the Microsoft 365 platform and is designed to integrate all the Microsoft technologies in innovative ways.   You, as the customer, own everything and are in control of all your files, the storage systems, and even the automation code written in Microsoft’s Power Automate.  Our job is to string it all together for you into a comprehensive document management system. Your job is to not double pay for technologies you already own in Microsoft 365.

  • Each client is different depending on their circumstances, but a typical use case demonstrates the savings.  We have a customer that manages HR, Accounting, Payroll, and Legal issues for other small and medium-sized businesses.  They had millions of stored forms that their clients sent them over the years to manage.  Our client implemented DocQmentor and was surprised by the bill we presented them.  At the end of the project, the cost for building and deploying their solution was less than a single month of charges they typically incurred in printing and storing their documents in their old system.  DocQmentor’s total cost was roughly 1/12 the cost of using their old system for a single year!

    Today if you call our client and ask for information about your employee, the phone operator can input their social security number or employee ID and have that employee’s entire digital history appear on their screen in less than 2 seconds.   That is the power of document management.  That is the power of DocQmentor.

    Getting started with DocQmentor involves the deployment of a working Proof of Concept that can process your data.  The POC typically runs $5,000, and users can decide to add more advanced services on top of the POC.

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