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DocQmentor solution features that suit to mid-size organisation to store and secure documents automatically.

Automatic Triggers

Your employees have enough to worry about during the day without your organization adding another system for them to learn that requires training and monitoring.  DocQmentor is built so they can simply “File and forget.”  DocQmentor is completely automated so that your users just have to drop their files into the DocQmentor folder and then go on about their day.  There is nothing else required.  Without further user intervention, DocQmentor scans the files, extracts the keywords, renames the files, reapplies keywords back to the document as metadata, and then files it securely in M365, so it can be searched and retrieved in under a second.


Other custom-built document management solutions must create an additional security system to guard access to your files.  Why recreate the wheel wasting more time and money?  Microsoft already has high-end security built into M365.  DocQmentor inherits existing Microsoft security so that only appropriate people with the proper credentials can view, edit, and delete the files in your DocQmentor system.  If your user forgot to assign security to the document, DocQmentor automatically applies protection based on the type of information contained in the document.

Extract Data

Some systems need your forms to be in a strict design and layout.  DocQmentor does not require customers to rebuild their forms and databases.  Microsoft 365 AI and ML libraries can read colored forms, watermarked forms, tables and checkboxes, and even handwritten responses.  In addition, the Microsoft recognition engines are some of the best and most extensive in the world, so there is no need to buy access to 3rd party engines, thereby saving significant costs.


Meta Tagging

magine scanning through millions of documents with an advanced search query and then being able to pull up all matching record results in a few seconds.  DocQmentor can retrieve stored and indexed data as fast as it takes you to pick up the phone for your next incoming customer call.  The scanned information in documents is extracted and reapplied to the docs as metadata.  Your web crawlers automatically search this metadata and provide incredible speeds for returning data searches.

Confidence Scores

DocQmentor is autonomous, meaning users drop files into a DocQmentor folder and then forget about them.  Typed forms achieve near 100% recognition.  Documents that have handwritten responses, however, can vary.   Sometimes the penmanship can be challenging to decipher, so to monitor the inputs, DocQmentor adds a recognition confidence score to every form after processing.  This score tells the system how confident DocQmentor is that it interpreted the data correctly.  DocQmentor detects when a confidence score falls below a customer set threshold for accuracy, and it can automatically reroute the document for manual intervention preventing bad data collection.


One of our first big DocQmentor customers decided to move away from their pricy 3rd party Document Management solution.  Still, when they went to get their documents to migrate to DocQmentor, the third-party company wanted to charge them a significant access fee to move their documents!  So they first charged them for storage and then charged them to retrieve their own data.  DocQmentor uses SharePoint, TEAMS, and OneDrive (Products you already own with your M365 license) to store your documents.  You own your storage systems, and there is no custom code in DocQmentor, so everything built into the system is just standard M365 features that your team controls and manages at all times.



DocQmentor can be programmed to auto-sort your data so that HR documents end up in a secure HR file folder, and marketing documents are routed to the Marketing department document storage.  Each department can keep its data files.  No longer will documents be misplaced or filed incorrectly.  DocQmentor puts documents in the correct location the first time, every time reducing user frustrations.  Organizations that prefer to keep all records in a single repository can also do that with DocQmentor.

Updates to Data

Do you want to quickly preview your document without opening it first?  Documentor allows you to select a document and get a preview of it without clicking and opening it in a separate viewer.  This convenience saves a few seconds, but those seconds add up throughout the day.  Users can even make changes to the metadata (assuming they have permissions) within the preview, so they also don’t have to first load the entire file in a viewer before making changes.  As a result, the system is easier to use, easier to edit, faster to get results.

DocQmentor: Ai-powered Document Management Solution

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